2017 Three-cord Theology

Guest Speaker: Eric Bancroft

Eric Bancroft has served as senior pastor at Castleview since 2008 moving to Indianapolis from Los Angeles where he served on the pastoral staff of Grace Community Church under Pastor John MacArthur.

In addition to serving at Castleview, Eric is a leader of the Indianapolis Chapter of The Gospel Coalition, on the board of Indianapolis Theological Seminary, and is a Fellow of Mathena Center for Church Revitalization at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Eric’s passions include preaching and pastoring his flock, dating his wife, raising his teenage sons, and doing Crossfit.

His love for the gospel and the churches that have been entrusted with it takes him around the country and parts of the world to serve through preaching and teaching.

Many men can wrongly think that their walk with the Lord is a private pursuit with the occasional encouragement and example from other men around them. However, the Bible describes a man’s growing relationship with Christ as much more of a community project rather than a private one.  

This conference endeavors to show men how the high call of living for Jesus is carried out by a demonstrated commitment to others in their church, especially fellow men. We learn about themes such as accountability, communication, friendship, intentionality, and discipleship which God uses to grow a Christian man in Christian community.